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Marketing research in Russia for foreign companies
Я съездил в одну бухгалтерскую компанию – не понравилось. Зашел на сайт Батискафа, поехал к вам. Все устроило. В работе с вами есть много положительного. Основное, что все в одном месте, нет раздробленности: и налоги отслеживаются, и документы смотрятся, и юристы тут же сидят, очень удобно, если есть вопросы. Ваши специалисты знают мое предприятие, могут всегда подсказать, чем-то помочь. Любые вопросы я могу задать, ответят.

Я рассматривал вопрос взять специалиста в штат. Сейчас бухгалтера можно нанять за тысяч пять, я вам плачу в два раза больше. Я плачу за надежность, все равно вы фирма.
Владимир Борисович Мирошниченко
Директор ООО «Восточная версия»
Customers will tell you how to sell them — what is important for them and what doubts they have.
In what cases we can help
Start stelling on Russian market
Do you want to sell products or services in Russia, but don't know how to position yourself and to be different from competitors? Your potential clients can help you to do this.
Want to understand the status quo at your niche
Do you want to get feedback from real users on competitors problems and stereotypes at your niche? People will also tell you what is important for them and then you will be able to prepare your product and marketing before starting sales.
Want to research Russian market potential
for your startup
Unfortunately, we can't help you to check the potential of products that does not exist on Russian market. We explore real users opinion on existing products.
Who are our clients
The industry sector is not essential for us as we specialize on complex products with long buying process, like facilities, home appliances, cars or financial services.
Why we
Best schools education
We have major in marketing researching at Wharton Business School and Buyer Persona Insitute
Pay attention to business purposes
We don't use "templates" for researching projects, but develop individual tasks for our client.
We know how to do research and teaching colleagues
We are speaking at marketing conferences, make a course at online-university "Netology" and publish ebook "How to do quality marketing research"
Can make and implement marketing strategy
Marketing research is the first step on the new market. We can help with the others: from strategy to instruments implementations
How the process looks?
Methods of collecting information
In-depth interview
We are to find real users and experts of similar products and are to talk about their experience and opinions: what is important for them in this products, why do they buy it, what are competitors weak spots. Usually 10-15 talks are enough. People sincerely want to help and to be useful for somebody.
Browse of social media
At forums and social media people feel free to talk what they think about existing products and services and it helps to understand what they value and what they don't like. We are to collect this opinions and in some cases talk with this people for understand them more.
I don't want to pay twice for GoPro because I can buy Chinese analog for half price with the same characteristics. When I start to record 4K-video or do professional video I buy GoPro.
User post at forum about GoPro
Results: What we are to find
— What is motivate people to buy similar products?
— What is the reason of buying?
— What is most important for buyers?
— Which criteria do they have for choice?
— Which resources people use for making decision?
— What is disturb for buying?
— ...
Only six weeks to crystal understanding
of your buyers at Russian market!
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